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Adam Frost

Adam Frost

Gardeners' Word presenter, garden designer, broadcaster, author and more

I spent my childhood summers in Lancashire with my cousins, getting sunburnt, catching sticklebacks in the beck, drinking dandelion and burdock, and eating Snowball ice creams. I’d go back to school to a classroom of piss-takers mocking my newly acquired Burn-leh accent: even now, three stops in a taxi and I’m all ‘stay lucky treacle’.

Psychologists will tell you a dispensation for taking on accents is driven by the desire to be liked. Isn’t that all of us. Anyway, whenever I chat with Adam Frost, I come over all Wilko Johnson. Apologies in advance for any missing tees and aitches.

I’ve got to know Adam well over the last however many years and he’s not ploughed any of the familiar furrows to our TV screens. Typically open and engaging, knowledgable and popular, he’s never short of a word: I hope you enjoy our conversation.

Thanks for tuning in - it is much appreciated.


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A couple of things that sprung from our chat

There were a few things that came up in our conversation that you might not be familiar with, that I thought it would be good to share in case you were interested.

The songs Adam mentioned, in case you fancy an accidentally curated playlist from the man himself.

Adam’s new book - available here and pretty much everywhere you’d expect it to be.

Mark Diacono's Imperfect Umbrella
Mark Diacono's Imperfect Umbrella Podcast
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