Feb 9 • 1M

The Imperfect Umbrella Podcast

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Mark Diacono
Exploring the lives of those connected to food, gardening, the writing process, and more besides, by award-winning author Mark Diacono
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I fell into the new year with many things I wanted to do, and this is one I am really excited about.

Once a month, give or take, I’ll be talking with people I find fascinating. They are quite likely to be connected to food, gardening or writing but - as we are all metaphorically sheltered under this Imperfect Umbrella - they might well be differently interesting.

Of course, we are likely to discuss what they are up to - the latest book, a garden, a big move, etc - but I’m at least as interested in what we don’t know about them, in what they do away from the familiar they are known for. I suspect you might be too.

I hope you’ll listen and I hope you’ll enjoy it. In the meantime, please do take the chance to suggest anyone you’d to be on the podcast. I am - as I hope you will be - all ears.

The first podcast will be with you very shortly.