Lovely post, Mark - I only have a windowsill, but I'll give it a whirl (gorgeous pic of pointy chillis - maybe the fiery Calabrians used in 'nduja?

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Hi Mark, I'm enjoying the posts.

One of my favourite experiences when I had my land and poly-tunnel in Cornwall was growing chilies. I used to set the seeds in Jiffy 7's on New Years Day and had one of 'those' grow tents and a light to get them really started so by summer they were 5ft tall and had kilo's of chilies per plant.

Now I have a more urban life again I look wistfully at a spot in my garden earmarked for a greenhouse but as yet one hasn't reached the top of the priority list. I tried my windowsill last year with reasonable success... I daresay I'll do the same this year.

Padron's were one of the varieties I grew for BBQ in the summer, my favorites were Rocoto, Sugar Rush Peach and Malawi Piquant - all reasonably mild but nicely flavoured

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So happy to hear you appreciated EPC, Mark, and that it led you into the kitchen! And glad we can exchange news and views...

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